I'm an ex-zookeeper turned travel blogging, podcasting channeler and fear alchemist.


I'm committed to following my intuition wherever it leads me, no matter how scary that sometimes feels.

When you work with me you will learn to embrace fear, follow your intuition, and connect directly with the Universe to change your life.


How'd I get here?!

In 2012 I lived through my greatest fear when my mom, my best friend, passed away after suffering through two years of terminal cancer.

After she died I realized that the experience of living through my greatest fear actually expanded and improved my life (and my mind was blown).

I became obsessed with the power of fear, courage, and intuition to change lives and make dreams come true.

I read everything I could get my hands on about fear, I dove into a long list of spiritual modalities in order to connect more deeply with my intuition.

I put everything I was learning into practice, and my life shifted DRAMATICALLY!

In the span of just 2 years I divorced my husband, fell in love with my soulmate, moved states, and left a 10 year career in the animal industry to travel the world full time as a professional travel blogger.

Then, in 2021, I was once again faced with my greatest fear when I found out I had cancer.

On my cancer journey I worked WITH my fear, alchemizing it into a deep sense of power and confidence, and I followed my intuition step by step through treatment.

When I was declared cancer-free I received clear intuitive guidance that it was time for me to begin helping others to alchemize fear and connect deeply with their Guides and the Universe

I'm an expert on embracing fear, following your intuition, and working directly with the Universe to change your life.