I'm an ex-zookeeper, ex-travel blogger turned Direct Channel and Intuitive Guide. 

How'd I get here?!

In 2012 I lived through my greatest fear when my mom, my best friend, passed away after suffering through two years of terminal cancer.

Following her death I realized that living through my greatest fear actually opened my life up wider than ever before, and I began to see that in every single fear is a seed of enormous personal power.

In the years following her death I began having unexplainable spiritual experiences that led me into a deeper exploration of fear, intuition, and consciousness.

I dove into a long list of spiritual modalities in order to connect more deeply with my intuition. 

I put everything I was learning into practice, and my life shifted DRAMATICALLY!

In the span of just 2 years I divorced my husband, fell in love with my soulmate, moved states, and left a 10 year career in the animal industry to travel the world full time as a professional travel blogger.

Then, in 2021, I was once again faced with my greatest fear when I found out I had cancer.

My diagnosis came just days after a powerful spiritual experience where I was shown what death feels like, and where I was given a choice as to whether I wanted to continue this particular incarnation.

I chose to stay, despite the indescribable beauty I experienced when I was shown the Other Side.

On my cancer journey I worked WITH my fear, alchemizing it into a deep sense of power and confidence, and I followed my intuition step by step through treatment.

When I was declared cancer-free I received clear intuitive guidance that it was time for me to begin helping others through intuitive guidance.

I'm an expert in courageously following your intuition, and I am a direct channel for Ozenan, a Pleadian collective of beings who want to assist with the evolution of consciousness in the human collective.