There are infinite versions of you in the multiverse, and you have a connection to all of them. 

You can access the wisdom and guidance of every single version of you by pointing your intention and attention.

In this pre-recorded session I'll gently guide you to connect with the 3 versions of yourself whose wisdom and guidance can most benefit you at this moment in your life. 

This experience can be repeated anytime you seek guidance in your life. You will connect with different versions of yourself each time.

What's inside:

  • An instructional video explaining exactly how to use the audio, and what to expect from this powerful experience 
  • A pre-recorded session using a combination of self-inquiry, 432 hz binaural beats music, verbal guidance, and energy work to connect you with 3 versions of yourself

What you'll need:

  • A pen and paper for the initial self-inquiry
  • A comfortable, private place to lay down, uninterrupted, for about 45 minutes
  • A desire to connect with yourself deeply
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