Clear the Fear Session

Do you feel stuck or stagnant? 

Do you have a deep sense that there is so much more meant for you in this lifetime?

Do you stay up late imagining a future that you KNOW is meant for you, but you still haven't taken action towards that future?

Then a Clear your Fear Session is PERFECT for you!

In this combination coaching/ energy work session we will identify fear that is keeping you stuck, and we will begin clearing that fear (mentally, emotionally, AND physically) so you can begin creating the life you've been imagining for yourself!

This session will be completely customized to you. In my 1:1 sessions I open up a channel to your guides and the Universe, and I allow them to guide the session. 

***As an added bonus, you can use the cost of your first Clear the Fear session as a coupon towards the Courageous Transformation Academy!

$155 (90 min session)

Clear the Fear Request

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