Never agonize over a decision again!
Learn to make empowered, intuitive decisions that will launch you into your desired future!

⭐️ Learn why intuitive decision making is THE life skill that will accelerate your growth!
⭐️ Discover how to use intuitive decisions to access YOUR infinite possibilities!
⭐️ Receive my 5-step process for making intuitive, confident decisions EVERY time!

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Why Intuitive Decision Making is THE life skill that will accelerate your growth!

No decision IS a decision, and decision paralysis is one of the biggest roadblocks to personal growth and expansion!

I see SO many people avoiding decision making in their lives, not realizing that avoiding a decision IS a decision (and it’s fear-based)!

Learn about the immense power of intuitive decision making, and how it can launch you to your next level. 


How to Use Intuitive Decisions to Access YOUR Infinite Possibilities!

Using your intuition to make decisions leads to BIG, expansive choices!

Your intuition doesn’t care about your past, your fears, or your worries. Your intuition knows what you’re TRULY capable of, and it will lead you to your highest path IF you let it.

I’ll teach you how to recognize the difference between your intuition and your fear so you can use intuitive decisions to open a portal to YOUR infinite possibilities!  

Access my 5-Step Process for Making Intuitive, Confident Decisions EVERY Time!

Last year I wanted to seriously accelerate my growth, so I vowed to follow my intuition wherever it led me.

That meant making intuitive decisions over and over again, every day, for an entire year. I became a master of intuitive decision-making, AND I experienced the massive expansion I’d hoped for.

Over the course of the year I developed a simple, 5-step process for intuitive decision-making, and I’m going to share it with you in this class!

I used this exact process to:

⭐️ Receive an unexpected extra $17k in income

⭐️ Make decisions about treatment throughout my cancer journey

⭐️ Pivot my online business, and create my life-changing program, The Courageous Transformation Academy.

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"The tips and tools Brittany uses never cease to amaze me just how much they benefit, and they are tools I will use for the rest of my life .”

Emma H.

Feel confident in your ability to make intuitive decisions that will massively accelerate your growth.

Make this the year you finally begin LIVING the future you’re obsessed with!

▫️   Learn how to use intuitive decision-making to access the incredible possibilities available to you right now!

▫️   Discover how to identify the difference between your fear and your intuition so fear no longer controls your decisions

▫️   Learn why decision paralysis happens so you never have to experience it again!

▫️   Use my 5-step intuitive decision-making process to immediately begin making powerful decisions that launch you to your highest path!

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You’re Tired of Constantly Seeking Outside Opinions

If you’re tired of trying to sift through the conflicting opinions of friends and family members in order to make a decision about YOUR life, you need to join this class and learn to access the powerful guidance that exists within YOU! 





You’re Ready to Expand

You have BIG dreams that you can’t stop thinking about, and you’re ready to actually begin LIVING those dreams then you NEED this class!

You’ll learn how to make powerful, intuitive decisions that will lead you down the shortest path to your deepest desires. 



You’re Tired of Avoiding Decisions

If you find yourself avoiding decision-making until the decision is made for you, this class is definitely for you.

No decision IS a decision, and decision paralysis is actually a fear response! I’ll teach you exactly how to cope with decision paralysis so fear is no longer controlling your choices!




You’re Ready to Be the Bada$$ Main Character of your Own Life

If you’re ready to step off the sidelines and take radical responsibility for your own life then this class is perfect for you.

There is no guidance in the world as powerful as your own intuition. If you’re ready to step into your main character energy and begin following your deep inner knowing this class will give you the tools to hit the ground running!

On paper I’m a courage coach, Reiki practitioner, and the host of a top 10% podcast, Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet. In practice I’m a dreamer, an intuitive, and I am OBSESSED with harnessing the power of courage to change lives.

I spent the last decade reading, watching, and listening to everything I could get my hands on about courage, fear, and intuition. I experimented with different practices and modalities in my own life, and began to uncover the keys to expansion.

Beginning in August 2021, I spent an entire year in an “Intuition Experiment” where I vowed to follow my intuition wherever it led me. I spent that year making intuitive decisions over and over again, and my life MASSIVELY expanded!

Throughout that year I developed a 5-step process for intuitive decision-making that makes it SO much easier to follow my intuition every day. And now I’m going to teach YOU that process!

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