What Brittany's Clients are Saying...

Kyle Jason Leitzke

“I recently had a channeled coaching session with Brittany Wittig and I’m so F-ing grateful I leaned into my resistance around it to follow my intuition to work with her.

Brittany is such an enjoyable person to receive the Channel from. I’ve had a medium reading before and it was meaningful but was presented with general images and in a serious monotone way. Brittany is extremely descriptive of the visuals and feelings and messages she’s receiving. She embodies it so you feel in the experience with her.

Like we both cried from a feeling of immense pride when my guides were expressing gratitude for me (I’m still getting chills as I write this) and we belly laughed at the silliness of my guides sending me a tie-die colored submarine (which also had important meaning for me).

Your experience will obviously be unique to you and my advice is - if you are having any intuitive call to experience a channeled coaching session with Brittany - please do it. You will thank yourself over and over and over for having the courage to do so. I feel much more connected with my guides and more clearly understand how I am supported by them because of my channeled coaching session with Brittany.”

"It was my first time having a channeled reading over zoom and I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect, but Brittany made me feel at ease immediately. I loved the guidance that I received and the clear pictures I was presented with during our session and the comfort I felt knowing that I'm guided and supported.

I would highly recommend Brittany's channeled readings to friends. I feel like our session gave me so much clarity and confidence within myself to trust my own intuition and judgement and be able to move forward on the things that have been on my heart for a while. I'm excited to see how the next few months unfold as I lean into the guidance and support that was presented to me. Thanks again Brittany."

"Brittany is an amazing soul with a beautiful gift. It was such an enlightening experience that confirmed many things I already knew and those confirmations helped affirm I’m on the path that is right for me. The information that came through opened me up to keep growing and learning. I would do another session with Brittany in the future."

"Brittany guided me through the group energy activation and healing session with such love and care.

As someone quite new to energy healing, I appreciated that she set out what to expect so I could relax and enjoy the experience. I felt connected, centred and calm and was able to deepen my intuitive practice more than before. A beautiful experience. Thank you Brittany!"

"Thank you so much. It was quite an experience - I was shook in all the good ways. I'm super grateful."

Carrie Bohlmann

"Before going through The Courageous Transformation Academy, I was stuck in a career transition, unable to move forward into a life I knew was there for me. Taking a leap of faith and signing up for this program was seriously one of the best things I've ever done in my life and I had no idea how much my life was about to heal and change!

Through this 3-month experience, I've stepped out of my comfort zone and set courageous intentions, by learning to tap into my highest self. I now understand fear and have learned to work with my own fear to uncover the subconscious beliefs I've been holding. I have learned about many tools to connect with my intuition, through many modalities. I've begun to practice trusting my intuition and leading my life with it versus leading with ego.

Life is so much more fun and interesting leading with intuition from my highest self!

I've begun to forgive myself and others and have begun releasing limiting beliefs that are no longer serving me. I've learned to let emotion move though rather than repressing it, and also how to calm an activated nervous system when working with emotions, triggers and fear. I've learned to reprogram my limiting beliefs and now feel more confident in visualizing the life I want to live.

I'm finally beginning to take massive action toward my dream life and have gained all the tools I need to keep moving in this direction.

In only three months, The Courageous Transformation Academy has absolutely proven to be effective in changing my life in a very powerful way. It is way more than a program that provides a tremendous amount of value. It is a deep customized experience available to anyone who is ready to step out of their comfort zone and create their dream life.

Thank you Brittany for courageously sharing and teaching this beautiful rite of passage. We are so lucky to have you, our courageous coach, leader, wayshower, lightbearer!"

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